The Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG) service is provided by our volunteers to empower the local community to overcome their problems and barriers through direct support and referrals to specialist community services and projects.  The service has grown and developed in recent years and now offers individuals tailored support service. 


IAG assistance can help local community members with a wide variety of issues but common areas of support include housing, employment support, work placement, welfare benefits and family support.

Information Advice & Guidance session

Information Advice & Guidance session at UDF office

We provide information and advice that covers every facet of later life, from helping people find out the benefits they are entitled to claim, to discussing options that help make later life at home more manageable.

Our aim is to be the first port of call for Bangladeshi community – the first place that Bangladeshi people turn to when they have an age-related need.

We help older people with benefits claim

Together with our local partners, we help older people to know about and claim the benefits they’re entitled to, such as Carer’s Allowance, Attendance Allowance, disability living allowance and Pension Credit.

Site seeing tour for the Elderly

We organise the following activities for the elderly:

  • Day trips/ day out to garden centres and tourist attractions
  • Regular light exercise session e.g. yoga
  • Football, volleyball, badminton session in the nearby gym
  • Swimming sessions in the leisure centre
  • Board games e.g. Carrom Board (traditional Bangladeshi indoor game), Chessboard, ladder and snake board game, card games etc.
  • Spiritual/religious gathering and preaching in Bengali based on different religion at multi-faith centres with traditional snacks and tea.
  • Health promotion and awareness workshop


Victim of Domestic Abuse

Violence and Abuse

Domestic abuse is behaviour from a family member, partner or ex-partner that:

  • is controlling, coercive, threatening, violent or abusive
  • happens between people aged over 16 Domestic violence and abuse can happen to men or women. It includes the following types of abuse:
  • psychological
  • physical
  • sexual
  • financial
  • emotional
Victims injury covered in vail

Domestic violence and abuse can include harassment, stalking, female genital mutilation, forced marriage and honour-based abuse.

If you’ve been affected 

Coronavirus – getting help to stay safe

We know it might be harder than normal to get away from your home or stay somewhere else. There are still things you can do to get support and stay safe. Check the guide to staying safe on the Safe Lives website.

You can also contact a domestic abuse organisation to check what services are available. If you are the victim of an abusive relationship, you might want to:-

  • find somewhere safe to stay
  • stay in your home and get the person who is harming you to leave
  • report the violence to the police
  • get a court order to stop your abusive partner from harming or threatening you
  • take legal action
  • get help from a charity or another organisation

Whatever you want to do, there are organisations that can give you advice and help. 


In response to the Coronavirus emergency we are extending our existing Information, Advice and Guidance service by offering our community a Telephone Support Service. We will provide bilingual support and advice to elderly and vulnerable people in particular those aged 50+ who may have underlying health conditions e.g. heart conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure and low immune system. 

If you need help and support with the following: –

– How to Contain the Spread of Covid-19

– Properly wash your hands and keep hygienic.

– Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

– Symptoms of Coronavirus as illustrated by NHS & (WHO)

– What to do if you show any symptoms.

– How to be aware of fake news regarding Coronavirus.

– How to self-isolate and quarantine yourself.

– Whom to contact if health condition deteriorates

– Morale support for those with low self esteem

UDF trustees would like to thanks Cllr Mick Brown for his visit and our discussion about a possibility of having a hot desk in Gravelly Hill for the BAME community for UDF. Cllr Mick Brown has agreed to support UDF with a base in Gravelly Hill.