About Us

UDF’s mission is to empower local communities with skills, resources, and opportunity in finding practical solutions and pathways forward into a better future.

The Foundation has brought together professional volunteers and people from all walks of life. Their contribution has developed into community projects that have been identified and used by people in need. UDF’s role has widened to include research, training, dissemination, consultancy and the innovation of new concepts. Currently, UDF’s work is based in the West Midlands.

(UDF Chairperson attended network conference)


A society where all members of our society have the resources – from personal to economic – and support to upskill member of their community


To support members of our society through grassroots infrastructure to take responsibility about their community. Empower them with skills and confidence to tackle complex issues, and in defined areas of deprivation and/or need.


  • Everyone should value and respect their community
  • Work in partnership with local organisations
  • Work with partners for the best services for our communities
  • Value outcomes and results
  • Respect diversity and embed equal opportunities in our practice
  • Open and transparent in all our work


·     Birmingham City Council

·     Safeguarding Children Boards

·     Awards For All

·     Local Business Community    

·     Social Service

·     Community Foundation

·    Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC)

·     Heart of England

·     Erdington Neighbourhood Network Scheme (ENNS)


·     Home Office ACU

·     Home Office Race Equalities Unit

·     Home Office Inter-Faith Unit

·     Birmingham City Council

·     University of Birmingham

·     West Midlands Police